ANNUNCIO VERO --$500 - Dont want to sound like a whore, but read my proposal, please

Alright, so here is the deal. I am a 23 year old waitress, and I am really tight for cash, but have gotten spoiled living in really nice places (i've always somehow "managed" to "find" good deals...). Anyways, I am an attractive brunette, 5'7 , 115 lbs, 34C with nice hips (just in case you were curious)

Ideally I want to be in Allston, brighton, cambridge, area, but something along those lines should work.

I can afford to throw in $500 a month, but i know that won't really get me the type of room I am looking for. So here is my offer -- I want my own room, but can't afford a great one. If you can throw in the difference (i dont care if its just you, one guy, or a few roomies collectively) i will make it worth your while.. I will be the greatest roommate you ever have had or will have! I will cook (you need to supply the food), will do more than my share of the cleaning, and most importantly will... help you out.. when you need it....

Thats right boys, let me live with you for slightly under price and you can take advantage of my "Open-mouthed policy" whenever you feel it is necessary. I must tell you though, I do take sex relatively seriously, so that would be something we'd have to maybe build up to (maybe!), but I actually enjoy giving head and rumor has it I ain't so bad... in fact, the night i move in, you can be the judge of that.....

Let me know ASAP PLEASE!!! I really need a place!

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